“I have been on a spiritual quest for most of my life. From a very young age I was able to strengthen and use my intuitive abilities which lead me to not only use them throughout my personal life but also in my professional career." 

 “What happened was devastating, yet who I became

because of it was just magical. ”

“It was during my life’s hardest time that my healing and intuitive abilities grew stronger and stronger by the day. I knew then, that my awakening journey had began and that I had to fully dedicate myself to fulfil my life purpose. The Healing Arts, Meditation, Spiritual Teachings, Life Coaching & Metaphysics became food for my soul- but above all, I was able to help, teach, heal, empower and guide people from all walks of life.


A Mindset Coach, Reiki Master & Practitioner, a Healer, Meditation & Mindfulness teacher and a Scholar of Self Actualisation and Metaphysics- Maria helps her clients build the life they really want to be living through self discovery, self empowerment and by shifting their limiting belief system by analysing their conscious and subconscious mind. Together they build plans to achieve clarity, balance, creativity and a positive mindset. Maria provides support so that her clients can identify and bring out the skills, creativity and resources they already have, helping them to get from where they are in their lives to where they truly want to be. She believes in empowering people to attain the confidence they need to change their lives positively.

"A Scholar of Self Actualisation, Personal Development, Metaphysic, Spiritual and Life Strategist  A Healer, Mindset Coach, Access Consciousness Practitioner and a Meditation/Mindfulness teacherA Public Speaker, the Founder of IAMMindfulness, the Founder and Editor of IAMPress magazine and the founder of Pranayama London, an Advocate for Women's wellbeing, Honorary board member of the IWLA. 

Maria turned around the lives of many people, although based in London her clients come from all over the world as her sessions can also take place over the telephone"







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Areas Covered:

Manifesting, Confidence , Self Worth, Self Esteem, Remove Self Doubt, Relationships, Separation 

Divorce, Career, Get a Better Job, Self Discovery, Life Mastery, Your Life Purpose

Dreams and Goals, Time management, Life Values, Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Loss 

Parenting, Procrastination, Feeling Stuck, Parenting, The Law of attraction, The Universal Laws.

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